Paws Down is a family owned business inspired by our own pets. It all started in August of 1998 with our two dogs, Sandy and Katie. We loved taking our dogs everywhere, however,  there weren't many options available for quality pet water bottles that worked for our active life style.  We thought it would be great if there was something that was easy to carry water for you and also have water for your dog without carrying a back pack full of different bottles and dishes.  This is how the idea of the Pal Around came about and soon there after came Paws Down.  

Katie is now fifteen, Sandy has since left us and we now have Mia, she is the cuteness on the home page.  There is no better feeling than taking our dogs with us to the park, for a hike, or just a quick ride to the drive-thru.  We believe it should be easy to take your best friend with you everywhere you go.  That is why at Paws Down all the products we offer are made with quality, integrity and are durable so they provide many years of use.

Paws Down also cares about homeless and abused animals.  We donate to many organizations to help care for and find those animals their own special person that will make them their best friend.

We hope you enjoy our products and wish you and your furry friends many fabulous adventures.

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